LEGO Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga tips

countless secrets to discover, and dozens of large areas to explore at your leisure.

To make your time with the game easier and more efficient

here are our important tips that you should definitely implement to make playing The Skywalker Saga that much simpler. 

Throughout The Skywalker Saga you will be dealing with constant waves of enemies.

The most efficient way to deal with them is to use your ranged weapon, in most cases your blaster.

Shooting off the helmet of Stormtroopers will uncover their one weakness, the head

Taking an extra second to aim for headshots will inflict a critical hit, taking them out

Be careful though, as some enemy Stormtroopers cannot have their helmets knocked off, and always take the opportunity to aim for the head.

Battles will be much faster if you shoot your way through rather than using melee combat as long as you use a character with a blaster equipped.

If cover – like a bench – is available, use that to defend yourself while you shoot at foes. Benches can be destroyed

so take care your cover is not ruined by enemy firepower. If your cover is destroyed

you can throw your lightsaber at enemies. When aiming with your lightsaber with the left trigger