British pop star Ed Sheeran has not committed plagiarism for his mega hit "Shape of You

one of the most listened to songs in the world, the High Court in London concluded on Wednesday, dismissing two songwriters. 

Ed Sheeran, 31, went to court himself to defend himself in this case

which he considered emblematic of abusive practices that undermine the music industry.

Judge Antony Zacaroli agreed with him: he did not copy, neither "deliberately" nor "unconsciously

part of the melody of the song "Oh Why" (2015) by Sami Chokri and Ross O'Donoghue for its planetary tube

 Shape of You", the best-selling title in the world in 2017, also has 3 billion plays on Spotify and almost 6 billion views on YouTube

According to the judge, there are “obvious similarities” between the two songs, with a melody resulting in particular from the minor pentatonic scale like 

countless songs from pop, rock, folk and blues”, but also “significant differences 

The two melodic phrases “play very different roles in their respective songs,” he added.

Saying he was “happy” with the outcome of the trial, the star regretted on Instagram that “requests like this are becoming too common

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