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Gym Sexual Harassment This is a topic that we don’t hear much about. But you know, even though it’s not newsworthy or something everybody talks to each other about in the fitness industry – there are some cases where people need to speak up and be heard

The fitness industry has long been a hotbed for sexual harassment. From celebrity directors to politicians- the list goes on and on, but what about our own gyms? I’m sure you’ve never heard of any cases in your local 24 Hour Fitness or Life Time gym before now! So let me tell you all about it because this needs addressing – right away
The truth is that most people don’t think twice when they walk into their neighborhood Health Club with its pristine walls decorated by motivational quotes which read “No Pain No Gain.” Unfortunately, these same facilities may be home base (literally)to some very unwanted behavior like inappropriate touching, unwelcomed comments made while individuals workout alone

The problem of sexual harassment in gyms is not just a happenstance. The victims might be those who work at the fitness center, as well as gym members themselves. If you’re being sexually harassed by someone else or if this happens to you – let me offer some advice for how best to handle it so that your situation can get resolved quickly and without incident

Fitness centers often hire younger people, who may not understand their rights or know how to handle a situation where they are sexually assaulted. This lack of power can fuel the continuation of assaults because most gyms don’t have an on-site human resources department that someone could turn to when it occurs; furthermore, some people might not realize what being “sexually harassed” means – let’s define this phrase now

According to the EEOC, sexual harassment is defined as unwelcome advances in any form of verbal or physical conduct that constitutes sexually-oriented propositions. This includes requests for sex-related favors and other harassing behaviors which are either explicit or implicit at interference with work performance due to it being unwanted by an individual who may feel intimidated about what could happen if he/she rejected these advances from his/her supervisor etc

The best way to avoid sexual harassment is by being aware of the many types of it that can take place.

Unlawful sexual harassment is a form of sex discrimination that violates Title VII of the Civil Rights Act. It can happen to anyone, regardless if they are male or female; it’s also illegal for people in power roles like bosses and co-workers to discriminate against one another with unwanted advances because there doesn’t need to be any economic injury on behalf of action Date Sexual Harassment occurs when an employee sexually harasses someone else at work

I’m highlighting the last point because this is where you come in. Do not suffer in silence and be passive towards sexual harassment! The law protects your rights as well, so it’s time to take action against those who make unwanted advances on their coworkers or other innocent people around them

  • Sexual harassment at work by coworkers

  • Sexual harassment from personal trainers

  • Gym members are sexually harassing gym employees


Sexual Harassment By Coworkers

What to do if you are being sexually harassed at work? If your workplace is a fitness center, then it’s important that they provide an environment where people feel safe and healthy. Harassment can come in many different forms including sexual or mental abuse; this would be considered inappropriate behavior by coworkers since these types of things should not happen between employers-employees

No matter what the job you are in whether it’s fitness/wellness or janitorial work, front desk lifeguard, daycare, etc., you have the right to avoid the pressure of sexual harassment.

  1. Pay and opportunities that are not equal in relation to gender
  2. Sexual harassment
  3. Violence
  4. Intimidation

What can you do? The first thing is to fill out an incident report describing what’s going on. Incident reports are often found at the front desk, but if not – write everything that happened and list names of people involved in an event or witness anyone who may have seen anything transpire! It’ll help us get back into contact with our employees faster about this serious matter.
2) If it doesn’t involve physical violence- go ahead & call either the human resources manager directly OR request police assistance right away !!! 3a). Don’t try contacting management unless absolutely necessary

After reporting the harassment, speak to your GM or owner about what is happening. You should do this in private without revealing any personal information that could identify you as a victim of workplace discrimination like phone numbers and emails (and never share these if offered). Explain how someone at work is treating you unfairly–identify them by name! Ask for resolution quickly because time will not wait forever; present him/her with copies of both incident report AND log entry made during inappropriate 

If you are being sexually harassed by either the general manager or a direct supervisor, it is important to determine who they report to. You can go directly to this person if necessary in order for them to make your situation more clear and less confusing/perturbing while also determining how much power each party has over one another during these situations of harassment which will help with quitting time! If an owner at any fitness center starts harassing people find all notes on him/her including texts messages because those could be very helpful when getting away from someone like that again but quit first before staying even though he may threaten legal action against yourself

The owner/GM of the club must take swift action to stop this abuse. Document any instances after you speak with them for future reference, continue calling out harassment when it occurs

If You Don’t Get A Resolution Quickly

If the owner or GM won’t take swift action, it will be necessary to go further. If you work at a national chain of fitness centers (LA Fitness, Retro Fitness Golds Gym, etc.) call their corporate phone numbers and demand satisfaction

Don’t Wait Too Long

Remember, the sooner you can make a harassment lawsuit against your employer or manager for bullying behavior- whether it’s because of how much time has passed since they’ve done something aggressively sexual towards them in response to any complaints that were lodged with HR over an incident where this person felt sexually threatened at work 

“The best way to reduce sexual harassment in the gym is by taking action before it occurs.”
Sexual Harassment can be reduced through education and instituting policies such as those outlined in this report; however, there are no better means of reducing incidence than leading an example. Always strive for professionalism and respect among all members – staff or clientele-to avoid any future issues with fellow coworkers on your watch!


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